Partnership expertise and state-of-the-art solutions that engage consumers in healthy living

ENGAGE. CONNECT. INSPIRE. As expert partners we develop technology and tools, critical resources, social commerce strategy and innovative new products for clients. These comprehensive solutions strategically drive consumer engagement in healthcare, enhance cost/benefit value and ultimately leverage healthier results for our clients and their customer populations.


Our client-branded communications, action centers, engagement strategies and incentives are central to the success and profitable performance of our clients' competitive new products, programs and population health initiatives.

ConvergenceHealth delivers technology solutions that will effectively engage individuals in building and making healthier life decisions.

Strategic communications resources:

  • Comprehensive integrated engagement and participation strategies
  • Culturally relevant communications tools for international clients
  • Graphics, media and collaterals for client branding.
  • Optimized incentives and rewards design
  • Integrated social media and network strategies
  • Customized wellness and action center design
  • Analytics and outcomes evaluations

Effective communications strategies make a critical difference. We'd like to show you how we can make them work for your organization. Let's talk.


ConvergenceHealth utilizes modular configuration and solution design to give clients powerful, fitting technology solutions and transformative digital environments to effect health improvement and lifestyle change.

ConvergenceHealth solutions are built on a single proprietary framework which houses in modular structure all applications, tools and resources.

This modular technology strategy provides unrivaled adaptability in application configuration and the delivery of precision fit, comprehensive technology solutions responsive to a client's unique requirements, legacy infrastructure and very importantly--the client's brand.

Our cloud-based technology also allows impressive scalability, flexibility and the capacity to add large numbers of users to client solutions with high reliability inside very short lead times.


Our global client partners rely on ConvergenceHealth for culturally relevant, high performance healthcare systems.

ConvergenceHealth serves multi-national populations with technology solutions touching many demographics and a very broad range of cultural, ethnic and individual diversity.

For international clients ConvergenceHealth carefully adapts its solution design for cultural relevance. Even complex, large-scale healthcare initiatives touching millions of users are comprehensively adapted to meld with the client country's language, culture and intrinsic sensibilities.

All ConvergenceHealth global solutions are thoughtfully structured to integrate effectively with the political and administrative structures housing these healthcare initiatives.

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ConvergenceHealth has developed rich social media tools that promote an engaged, 24-7 digital community encouraging healthier living and individual success.

We provide a gateway to highly relevant information and a secure platform where individuals can learn from and interact with peers, expert coaches and practitioners who share important information on relevant subjects.

Our communities encourage each other, share their progress, request support, celebrate overcoming obstacles and reaching milestones.


Sophisticated management and analytical tools are integral to the comprehensive solutions ConvergenceHealth designs for our clients.

We empower clients with the most advanced solutions and digital health technologies—all seamlessly delivered to a client's targeted customer universe.

ConvergenceHealth couples those solutions with equally powerful analytical tools to track and analyze the performance, trends and change these solutions are designed to achieve.

The reporting and analytical tools integral to ConvergenceHealth client-branded systems provide information for intelligent navigation deeper into a client's target market, enhancing customer engagement and product use central to high participation and optimal outcomes.